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The Non-Pharmacological Approach to Hypertriglyceridemia

Andrew Mierzejewski | Master Formulator | Registered Holistic Nutritionist | Bioenergy Healing Practitioner

The information about triglycerides available on the Internet has mushroomed. Finally, triglycerides became a household word. As a result of this shift of popular interest, you can find all kinds of stuff out there, from simple definitions to dietary recommendations to specialty products. Unfortunately, all that informational abundance, although much needed, makes the decision-making process a lot more difficult.

In times of declining trust, it is not easy to figure out which advice or program will fit your needs. Obviously, before you reach for your credit card you would like to be sure that you're making a well-informed decision and your hard-earned money will be really well spent on improving your health.

Hello, I'm Andrew Mierzejewski, a master formulator, registered holistic nutritionist and biohealing practitioner with over 20 years of experience. Drawing upon that experience, I personally guarantee the quality and accuracy of the information, and the efficacy of the guidelines and recommendations provided here. I am sure that, when applied properly and wisely, they can be of great benefit to your health or the health of someone you love or hold dear.

Now, let's proceed to the topic.

The statistics are alarming! High levels of triglycerides - the lipids (fats) circulating in the blood and causing life-threatening cardiovascular problems - have become epidemic. In the United States alone, over 50 million people are afflicted by hypertriglyceridemia - a medical term for very high triglycerides.

As so many people have been plagued by them, we all should know why these blood lipids become elevated, how exactly they relate to our health, and - most importantly - how to bring them down to healthy levels.

Two things for sure here: (1) blood triglycerides are in our control and, when elevated, they can be lowered naturally, and (2) by just taking the lipid-lowering prescription drugs, we are not going to get very far.


Because, if you choose to take a drug to 'solve' your high blood-triglyceride problem, then well over 95 percent of the time you will be promoting disease rather than our health.

It has been known to nutritionists and nutritionally-oriented doctors for years that the natural, nutritional approach to elevated triglycerides compared to standard medical treatments is clearly a superior, and most importantly, safe and effective option.

According to nutritional and medical studies, people with high blood triglycerides do benefit from nutritional supplements.

Look at it this way: if the right building blocks (i.e. nutrients) are present in the body, in the right amounts and at the right time, the body will respond positively. So, by lowering elevated blood triglycerides naturally, you'll be getting to the root of the problem. Otherwise, by pulling a dandelion out by its leaves [read: taking drugs] you not are going to get very far.

Therefore, you should make it your priority to keep triglycerides at bay the nutritional way - without the need for risky pharmaceutical drugs with multiple (actual or potential) adverse effects, as most likely you'll have be on them for the rest of your life.

No matter what has prompted you to visit our website, I am sure that you will find the information and support you need to help yourself, or someone you know or hold dear, to lower high blood triglycerides naturally - as well as cut your dependence on medicines, if any.

Most likely you'll need to be more decisive about what you want to do about your condition, rather than to be vague or unsure. Or you'll just need to stop making excuses for sitting around and waiting for drugs to improve your health, and to begin looking for healthy solutions. Remember, the consequences of your indecisiveness could be detrimental.

So, if you are currently taking the triglyceride-lowering side-effects-loaded prescription drugs, please review your options carefully, as most probably there is no reason to risk your health with these medications.


Because you can achieve the triglycerides level you were meant to have with lifestyle and dietary changes supported by specialty targeted nutritional supplementation. As your health is in your hands, it is up to you to take control -- and bring your elevated triglycerides down without prescription drugs - and maintain their levels within normal range - naturally.

The benefits of this approach are obvious and, most importantly, the results speak for themselves:

    Hello Andrew,

    I thought you would want to know about my latest blood test after taking TGs Formula II and UltraPure Mega EPA:

     I. On 5-21-2014: 
    Cholesterol - 279
    Triglycerides - 624
    Chol/HDL ratio - 9.0 (it should be 4.5 or less).

     II. On 6-24-2014: 
    Cholesterol - 191
    Triglycerides - 236
    Chol/HDL ratio - 5.5 (it should be 4.5 or less).

    Needless to say, I am very happy!

    Thank you Full of Health/Andrew!

    Cindy Van L.

Fortunately, there are people, including a growing number of doctors, who admit that there are successful methods to reduce elevated levels of blood lipids (fats), other than temporary medical intervention; people who are making serious efforts to give their heart and cardiovascular system a longer, healthier life through optimum nutrition.

Before you continue (if you intend to), we have to give you the standard medical disclaimer necessary by law for all natural alternative health recommendations:

If you have any symptoms described, it is imperative that you seek proper medical attention immediately. Never start a new exercise, dietary supplementation or diet program without first consulting your doctor. The information provided here is intended solely for reference and based on personal experiences with triglycerides-lowering TGs Formula II. Individual results may vary and this should not be taken in place of proper medical treatment by a professional. By viewing this site, you have agreed to our full medical disclaimer.

All right, let's stop the motivational chatter and reveal our solution to the triglyceride puzzle by answering the common question:

TGs Formula | Natural Blood Lipid Modulator How Can I Lower My Triglycerides Without Drugs?

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